Staying a Step Ahead in Sorority Recruitment

Staying a Step Ahead in Sorority Recruitment

Recruitment (formerly known as Rush) season is coming up. ūüėć

And while that often means a rush of emotions, of social engagements, and new friendships, for its organizers, it also can mean a literal rush to get everything ready, too. ūüėÖ

As a licensed vendor with all 26 NPC sororities, we’ve seen it all. And we’re here to offer three quick tips for keeping your rush season as simple and seamless as possible.

Step 1: Start Early

Sorority Decorative Pillows

The early bird gets the worm. And the new members! ūüĎĮ‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹ

Starting to plan your rush week early can make a huge difference. From finding the perfect sorority swag to being able to find the best deals, when you start planning early, you can deliver a better quality event at a lower cost. (Because paying for rush shipping shouldn‚Äôt be a requirement for Recruitment week! ūüíł)

In addition to starting early, shopping bulk can also allow you to do more, for less. Sockprints offers bulk discounts‚ÄĒcontact us to see what‚Äôs possible!¬†

Step 2: Balance Belonging and Individual Recognition

Sorority tote bag

When a sister joins, she wants to belong. But she also wants to be seen and recognized as an individual, too. 

When new member classes have large numbers, it’s important to make sure each member knows you’re happy to have her there, not just all her friends. Balancing welcome gifts to include some uniform gifts that the whole class gets, along with individual gifts personalized to each sister, can help the future of your chapter feel welcomed and wanted. 

Chi Omega Welcome tote

Looking for ideas? Try a classic sorority tote or a new, mini-tote, filled with personalized gifts, some sorority swag, a nice card, and the new member’s favorite candy or treat! 

Step 3: Remember it’s About the Relationships

Tri-Delta Sorority socks

At the end of the day, sororities are about connection, networking, support, and friendship. They‚Äôre about relationships. ūüíē

Which means that as much as sisters love presents, the most important thing is your presence. Do the best you can to plan and prepare, then step back and just focus on helping the new members feel welcomed and loved. 

As your newest sisters feel your genuine warmth, everything else will fall into place for a great year and a successful Recruitment! 

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