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5 Ways to Move More This Summer! 🌞

It’s Friday at 4:36 PM. You’ve just logged off work early to get a jump on the three-day weekend, and you’re stoked to get started. 🎉The plan: getting some shopping done, Sunday brunch, finally donating those old clothes and books, maybe even a hike? 🥾

Before you know it, it’s 9:15 PM on Monday. And that three day weekend you wanted to maximize… was spent rewatching your favorite shows and scrolling on Instagram. 😅

Unfortunately, this is pretty common—and it happens with entire summers, too! 🙈 If this sounds familiar (🙋‍♀️), and you’re realizing it’s July and your summer hasn’t started, don’t fear! Sockprints is here to share five ways you can get moving and maximize your summer! 


The Benefits of Staying Active

We get it. When you’re constantly running the rat race—juggling work, school, family, friends—it’s nice to stop and put your feet up! (And we have plenty of socks to help you do just that. 😉). 

At the same time, setting aside some time to actively enjoy your time off can have many benefits—including improving brain health 🧠, physical health 💪, and even your emotional health, too 💕! Yet 2023 statistics show only 28% of Americans move enough. YIKES! 

Started by two soccer moms ⚽️, Sockprints firmly believes in encouraging others to get outside and get moving—even if it’s just a few minutes a day! Which is why we’re avid supporters of the Let Them Play Foundation as one of our causes. AND, which is why we’re sharing our five favorite tips for moving with you! 🏃‍♀️

So–let’s get to it!  


Step 1: Make a Plan

Getting active! Close up of shoe and fun socks on a rock near a lake

While we’re all about spur-of-the-moment adventures, when it comes to exercise, if we don’t plan… it’s not happening. 

Decide upfront how you’re going to move more—whether it’s joining an intramural ultimate frisbee team, going dog walking with the people in your neighborhood, or finding a few friends to go skateboarding—and stick with it! 🚶‍♀️


Step 2: Start Small

Small exercise is better than no exercise at all! If you’re always skipping the gym because you don’t have time for a “good” workout, it’s not doing you any good. Find one thing that you can commit to doing every day, whether it’s five minutes of yoga in the morning or an after dinner walk, and then do it. Baby steps baby! 🧘‍♂️


Step 3: Dress for Success

Fun tennis socks with bright shoes on a tennis court

HIIT workouts are great… if they’re your jam. But if you hate every minute of it, you’re not going to stick with it. 

Similarly, without the right activewear, you’re not going to be comfortable enough to enjoy your workout. Case in point: we’ve all had that one pair of socks that keeps slipping down during a game—leading to blisters, sweaty feet, and overall frustration! 

Sockprints sport sock collection helps you build your optimal activewear collection from the ground up, with sport socks offering tried and tested cotton-blend socks that go where you do! Whether you’re looking for knee-high soccer socks, or some sassy little no-show golf socks for the green, we’ve got you covered! 

Shop socks now!


Step 4: Enlist a Friend 

Woman wearing bright pink socks with her dog's face specially printed on them, sitting next to her dog outside on the grass

Having someone else not only keeps you accountable—it can make it fun! And if your friend is four-legged and furry, even better! Studies have shown that people with dogs exercise 100 hours more a week than those without. 🐶

So show your dog some love, call up your bestie, or join a Meet Up to meet some new people with similar interests—then grab your shoes and socks and head on out! 


Step 5: Have Fun! 

Pickleball team has fun and holds up matching pickleball-themed socks

Once you have all the basics down, take a step back and remember to just have fun! Maybe you skip your gym workout for a hike with a friend, or pass on yoga to join a pick-up basketball game with neighbors. It’s not so much about what you do… it’s that you try! 

Looking for recommendations? Or just to dink around? 😉We recommend pickleball as a good way to move for people of all ages and abilities—and our pickleball socks can help you get started! 


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