The Bridal Party’s Guide for Throwing the BEST Bachelorette Party—EVER!

The Bridal Party’s Guide for Throwing the BEST Bachelorette Party—EVER!

Dress? Check! 

Rings? Check!

Flowers? Photographer? Caterer? ✅✅✅

From the first date, to the first kiss, to the moment she said “yes!,” you’ve been there for the bride—ready with a listening ear 📞, a glass of wine 🍷, and retail therapy 🛍—to support her in her path to find love. 

Now, as the Maid of Honor, you’re hoping to plan that one last hurrah before your bestie enters the next phase of her life. 🍾

But with a mix of friend groups and family—including some you’ve never met—and the existing responsibilities of supporting the bride in planning her wedding, throwing the perfect bridal bash can be a lot of pressure. (Don’t believe us? Check out any of the MULTIPLE blockbuster films about bachelorette parties gone wrong! 🎬)

We’re here to offer our tried and true tips for making sure your bachelorette party is a dream—not a dud! And a perfect memory to send off the bride-to-be! 👰‍♀️


Tip 1: Welcome bags are everything

You’ve been there before. You’re invited to a bachelorette party for an old high school friend, or a distant cousin. And while you love her, you’re also not so sure how you feel about driving 4 hours on a weekend to spend the afternoon with a bunch of girls you don’t know… 😒

Offering welcome gifts upon arrival can help even the furthest travelers feel welcome, appreciated, and validated for coming. 🥰 And what’s more? As your guests have a chance to go through their bags and comment on the gifts, it’s an instant conversation starter to break the ice!

Personalized bachelorette party gift bag tote

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Tip 2: Make momentos meaningful and practical

Have you ever returned from a party, only to find a goodie bag full of things you didn’t really want—but felt guilty throwing away? While raunchy gag gifts and dirty pastas might seem funny in the moment, the truth is this: They get thrown away when the guests go home. 💔

Party favors should remind guests of the event—while being practical enough that they can be used long after everyone says goodbye. And if you’re able to make the momentos something the girls can use at the party, even better! For example, if tennis is on the agenda, some cute, sassy themed no-show socks could be perfect. For a sleepover? Matching pillowcases! Or cute popcorn bowls in the wedding colors for a girl’s night-in of chick-flicks and snacks! 🍿

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Tip 3: Plan for photo moments

While some of the best photos are candid, outfitting the bridal party in themes can help ensure that both the staged and unplanned photos turn out great! For example, try setting themes such as retro, sparkles, or Hollywood glamor to inspire guests to come dressed to impress! 👯‍♀️

Alternatively, if your whole bachelorette squad might not have the means—or the interest—to create specific, one-use looks, try providing a small matching item that can be worn to bring unity to the group, instead. 

Bachelorette party photo moment

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Tip 4: Keep it personal

Just like every bride’s dress is different, every bachelorette party should be different, too. So if the bride isn’t into lingerie, or pole dancing classes, or even wine (😱), know that’s okay. Go out for BBQ! Go rollerblading! Tour a brewery! 🛼

Let the bride’s interests dictate your planned activities, and know that even if the party you plan looks nothing like what the typical bachelorette party looks like, by personalizing it to her, she’ll love it. 

If you’re looking to up the personalization, consider personalized gifts that commemorate the occasion! 


Tip 5: Trust your gut and remember you’re enough

Girls hugging at a bachelorette party or bridal shower

It’s exciting to be asked to be a part of someone’s wedding party! It can also be a lot of pressure. Know that the bride asked you to be there with her because she already trusts you—so trust yourself, too! 💖

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, pause, remember that your bestie loves you, and know that you don’t have to throw the perfect bachelorette party to host the BEST bachelorette party—ever! 💕

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