Show Your Feet Some Love—It’s National Love Your Feet Day!

Show Your Feet Some Love—It’s National Love Your Feet Day!

August 17th is National Love Your Feet Day, and at Sockprints, we’re here to celebrate. 


Because the humble foot is what keeps us grounded, literally. 🧘‍♀️ It’s what carries us from place to place. It’s how we express our sense of style through colorful footwear (including socks!). 👟

Still not convinced? Check out our five fun facts about feet… and then learn how to show them some appreciation! 

Five Fun Foot Facts

Sure. Feet are a vehicle for socks, but they’re so much more! Which is why—even though we also sell pillowcases, totes, and more—we’re carving out this time to acknowledge the wonders of feet. And after you’ve learned what we have, you’ll appreciate them, too! 

  1. Feet contain more nerves per square centimeter than any other part of your body—roughly 8,000! (Which is why they tend to be extra vulnerable to tickling, and appreciative of soft, or even fuzzy if you’re getting fancy, socks! 😉)
  2. Together, your two feet have 52 bones, 66 joints, 38 muscles, and 214 ligaments. Suddenly, breaking a leg doesn’t sound so bad… at least it’s not a foot! 
  3. Your feet absorb 1.5Xs your body weight with each step… and up to 5xs when you run. What does that mean? When you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, your feet are bearing 1.5Xs the weight of the world! 💪(So you better treat them right!)
  4. Each day, your feet bear roughly 26,000 lbs. That’s more than three elephants! 🐘🐘🐘
  5. Most people have one foot that is bigger than the other. While this can make shoe buying awkward 😅, luckily socks are designed to stretch and accommodate the difference. 

Helpful Hints for Happy Feet 

With all the pressure your feet are under (we’re looking at you, elephants!), taking care of them is critical to keeping your whole body happy, healthy, and moving. And while we LOVE a good pedicure 💅, the truth is this: your foot health often comes down to the small (and much less expensive) daily habits you create. 

Wondering how to get started? Here are a few of our favorite tips for keeping things footloose and fancy-free! 

  • Exercise! Remember those 38 muscles, 66 joints, and 214 ligaments? In order to put your best foot forward, you have to make sure those muscles, joints, and ligaments have the movement needed to be healthy, strong, and flexible. This can reduce injury (especially since the Achilles tendon is the most injury-prone tendon in your body!).

  • Keep them dry… While on the subject of exercise… your feet can generate a half pint of sweat a day! 😳Keeping your feet dry through socks that breathe, changing your socks regularly, and alternating the shoes you wear each day to ensure the shoes can dry out completely before use again goes a long way in keeping feet feeling fresh. 😌Bonus? By keeping your feet dry, you avoid the dreaded bacteria that causes stinky feet! 🙊

    Sockprints cotton-blend socks are made of soft, natural cotton fibers that allow your feet to breathe! Check out our blank socks, on sale now!

  • … But not too dry. It’s August. Chances are, you’ve had that moment where you’ve looked down and thought when did my feet become my dad’s?? If you struggle with dry, cracked feet, extensive sandal-wearing, especially during hot, dry weather, can exacerbate the problem. Switching it up sometimes—even in the summer—to wear socks and shoes can give your feet a day to rest and recover from the heat and sun and prevent dry feet. 🌞

    Can’t resist the barefoot summer vibe? Check out our barefoot sock collection!

  • Keep them warm! Cold feet? It’s not just an expression! Because your feet are the furthest from your heart and other core organs, they’re subject to getting cold! Keeping them covered can help restore the body temperature balance. And, if you start to notice chronically cold feet, talk with your doctor, as it might be a sign of something else.

    Know someone with (figuratively) cold feet? We have the perfect gift. 

  • All-in-all, our feet are pretty amazing. Doing the little things to take good care of them is a small step that can have big pay-offs. So wear the socks! (Or get the pedicure). Whatever you do, just take the time to LOVE YOUR FEET! 🦶

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