ucla fan socks in front of the Rose Bowl

Let Your Colors Shine! Sockprints School Pride Collection

September 1st is College Colors Day, and with many schools returning to class after the Labor Day holiday, we’re celebrating! 

Exhibiting school pride by sporting school colors may sound silly, or superstitious, but the truth is: it’s actually good for you! 🤔

History suggests that school colors got their start as early as the year 1222, when English Archbishop of Canterbury began requiring students to wear a specific robe uniform. Since then, using specific colors to signify belonging to a school has become a common practice—even in schools that don’t require a formalized school uniform. While we’re not here to weigh in on the uniform-or-no-uniform debate, we do want to tout the benefits of sporting your school colors!

According to research conducted by Varsity Brands, when students have pride in their school, they feel more connected, have higher levels of civil engagement, and are happier. What’s more? They often have better GPAs and are more likely to pursue additional education after graduation. 👩‍🎓

Not in school? Not a problem! Having a local (or not) college or high school sports team that you support has its own benefits. Data has shown that sports fans have higher self-esteem, sense of community, and cope better with loss. 

So pull on some school color, kick up your feet and tune into the game 🏈, or don your #1 Fan socks and go support your loved ones in a big game! Your school, and your mood, will thank you! 


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