Speak Up and Succeed! Three benefits of speaking out (and some pro-tips on doing so from the #ladybosses at Sockprints)

Speak Up and Succeed! Three benefits of speaking out (and some pro-tips on doing so from the #ladybosses at Sockprints)

January 25th marks the 2022 national Speak Up and Succeed Day—a day established by American author, motivational speaker, and all around #ladyboss Mary-Ellen Drummond that reminds us of the importance of speaking up for ourselves and for others. đŸ™‹â€â™€ïž

As lady bosses ourselves (not to mention as HUGE fans of self-expression
 have you seen our socks??), we’re here to share three benefits of speaking up, and how to get started, even if you’re feeling shy!

Why we don’t speak up more often

For many, speaking up—whether in a meeting at work, in a relationship with a partner, or just when you really don’t feel like going to that new tapas bar with your friends for the third night in a row—can be scary. 😅

Sometimes, we’re afraid we might hurt someone’s feelings. Other times, we’re afraid of looking silly. In some cases, saying nothing may feel like the smarter (or at least the easier) choice. Or, maybe we’re just feeling shy. 🙈

Whatever the reason, knowing when to speak up is always worth it—benefiting both yourself and those around you. 

Benefit One: It can make you more confident

While initially you may not feel that confident speaking up, the more we’re able to express our thoughts, ideas, and opinions, the more we come to know—and feel comfortable with—ourselves. And over time, speaking up gets easier, building confidence and self-assurance that are important for a healthy, happy life. 

Sockprints pro tip: When we speak up, sometimes it’s easy to feel like we have to fit a certain mold or language style—pants suit anyone? đŸ‘©â€đŸ’Œâ€”to be taken seriously. But the truth is, being yourself as you speak up will help you most effectively deliver what it is you need to say. So whether you’re a charts and graphs kind of person, a fan of the funny-but-illustrative anecdote, or someone who’ll just give it to you straight, find your style and run with it! (Not sure where to start? Some of our design-ready socks and slogans can help you find your mojo and voice!)

Sassy sayings socks

Benefit Two: It can help others 

Sometimes, our biggest motivations in life can come from helping other people. And the same is true when it comes to speaking up and succeeding! 

If you’re struggling with speaking out, find a cause you feel passionately about—then look for opportunities to get involved with those communities. Whether that’s speaking up through public forums, adding your signature to a petition, posting a sign or a flag in your window, or resharing helpful information about the cause through social media, when we stand with and for others, it can be easier (and often more fun!) than standing alone!

Sockprints pro tip: What we wear can be a great way to show our support for a cause or community. If you’re ready to step into the world of speaking up, but not sure where to start, having a button on your bag—or some socks on your feet—can act as that daily reminder of your commitment to support this cause and spark conversations for change! 

Speak out socks for pride, breast cancer, and voting

Benefit Three: It boosts your mental health!

According to a study by the Georgetown Behavioral Health Institute, self-expression in the arts (including wearable arts!) positively impacts our mood, cognition, and even function! 🧑‍🎹

When it comes to speaking up, the same is true.

When we can’t express ourselves openly, it causes underlying tension and stress that negatively impact our mental health. But when we’re able to speak up and share what we think and need, it deepens our relationships with others and helps us get access to the things we need to do good and feel good. (Cue bottoms up socks—get us some chocolate
 and maybe a beverage, too! đŸ«đŸ»đŸ˜‰)


Bottoms up Socks "Since you are reading this, Coffee please"


Okay, okay. While a single pair of socks probably can’t help you effectively communicate all your needs 🙄, we do mean it when we say—this year, find a way to speak up, speak out, and express yourself! While it takes a little practice, learning to speak out is good for you, and those around you will thank you, too! Win-win for the win! 🙌

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