Groom opening gift of custom printed wedding socks from his bride

Sockprints Values Series: Our Purpose

Remember when we said Sockprints is stepping up its game in a big way—and not just in the socks we wear? 😉

This year, Sockprints launched its updated mission, vision, core values, and purpose statements. Hurray! 🎉 And today, we’d like to formally introduce you to one piece of this new series: our purpose. 

Our purpose: Why we do what we do

Through our diverse product offerings we are committed to bringing joyful memories to our customers, while providing them an exceptional personalized experience. 

There’s nothing like the little things to remind us how lucky we are to be alive. Feeling gratitude, and reflecting on the good things that we have in life, can do wonders for our mood and headspace. 💕

One of the things that gives us purpose in our work is bringing those joyful memories to our customers with a chance to remember, feel grateful, and smile with the perfect small gift. (We guess you could say, it warms our sole. 😊 )

Our why: Sockprints customer success stories

One of the things we love most is when our customers share their smiles and stories with us. Here are a few of our favorite heartwarming 🥲, creative 🎨, and sweet 🥹 reviews that keep us going strong! 

Wedding party gifts 💐

Star Wars groomsmen socks

From our wedding party collection: 

Father of the bride socks

“The socks are perfect, I cried when I opened them! I cannot wait for my dad to get them, they will mean the world to him!” 


Groom sock collections

"My groom thought these were hilarious and loved that I got him these to wear for our wedding. He said they were really soft and comfortable, and he was a huge fan of wearing Star Wars socks on this day."

Spin for socks! 🚴‍♂️

From our sport sock collections! 

“My customers loved them! We had a 13.5 Spin class challenge. Whoever made it would go home with a pair of new socks! They loved them. So soft and fits most feet.”

Memory quilts 👵

From our fabric panel printing collection on Etsy!

“Printed an old photo of my great-great-grandmother on the fabric so my grandma could sew it to the back of our family quilt. We are both impressed with the quality of the printing as well as the fabric.”

Whether it’s fun and funky pet socks, or sweet and sentimental family memories, we love seeing the joy the right personalized gifts can bring to others. And we want to thank you for sharing those moments of joy with us; they make us feel like sock stars and keep us going strong! 👩‍🎤💫💕

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