fun socks with bare feet printed on the tops of the socks

Celebrating No Socks Day!

It’s national No Socks Day, and at Sockprints, we’re celebrating! 🎉

Why? Because we can! 

How? By showing off our favorite “no socks” look! 😉

About No Socks Day

Celebrated each May 8th, No Socks Day marks the end of cold weather in many places, and gives your feet a day to breathe free and feel the breeze and early-summer warmth! 🌞

And if you’re like us… it might also be that day that you realize your feet are looking a little worse for wear after a long winter and chilly spring in ankle boots and sneakers! 😅 

Whether you’re sporting funky tan lines from last summer’s kayaking trip 🛶, or are just in desperate need of a pedicure, don’t worry if you’re not ready to go completely sock-less. We’ve got you covered—literally!—with our funny photo socks for both men AND women (don’t worry—hairy toes are optional! 🤪). 


No socks socks - mens and womens

Looking for another way to celebrate? Check out those single-socks in your drawers and find a way to repurpose them! Your favorite socks will find new life with life hacks like these:


Photo credit: Heather Dessinger 


  • Make a pet toy! Braiding old mismatched socks together—especially if you put a couple treats in them first—and tying them off can make a fun, free toy to shake things up with your furry friend while giving your socks a final “hurrah!” before you clean out your dresser! 🐶
  • Do you have a favorite lone sock that you just hate to get rid of? Make a tea cozy! 🍵 How? Simply wash the sock (obviously… it used to be on your foot), then cut the sock at the base to make a sleeve for your favorite coffee or tea mug. Cute, functional, easy, and a perfect way to see your favorite customized sockprints prints on the day-to-day! 
  • Dust dust dust! Our custom photo socks are printed to help you slip your feet into your favorite memories, but if you lose one, don’t stress! Slip your hand inside the sock you still have, and dust dust dust! Spring cleaning has never been easier… or more nostalgic! 
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