Sockprints Spotlight: Promposal Socks

This is an image of "Whale You Go To Prom With Me" promposal custom printed socks.

Asking someone to prom is one thing, but planning an elaborate yet thoughtful promposal is another. With prom season right around the corner, skip the stress of poster painting and planning, and get inspired with these creative snack and sock pairings. Featuring this month’s sockprints Spotlight (Promposal Socks) and other fun goodies, you can’t go wrong with these unique promposal gifts! 


Whale You Go To Prom With Me Custom Printed Socks 

Suggested Snack: Goldfish Crackers

‘Seas’ the day and ask your date to prom with this ocean-inspired promposal. Get extra aquatic by visiting the beach or aquarium, then popping the question with the Whale You Go To Prom With Me custom printed socks and a bag of classic Goldfish crackers! With prom socks and snacks like these, your date will definitely say “Shell Yeah!”


My Goal Is Prom Custom Printed Socks

Suggested Snack: Granola Bars

Easily score a date to prom with this sporty, soccer-themed pairing. Whether it’s after practice or a game, make your move on the field with the My Goal Is Prom custom printed socks. For an even sweeter victory, add healthy granola bars to your promposal. All in all, if your date says yes to these socks for prom, then he or she is a (goal)keeper!


I Have A Great Idea Prom Custom Printed Socks

Suggested Snack: Pop Rocks

Spark a little electricity with this ec'static’ snack and custom sock combination. By pairing the explosive experience of Pop Rocks with the de'light’ful I Have A Great Idea Prom custom printed prom socks, you’re bound to shock your date with this unexpected promposal. Go above and beyond by decorating a poster with glow-in-the-dark paint; then hit the lights for a one-of-a-kind ask to prom idea!



Create the most memorable promposal by being unique (& yourself!). Regardless if it's with witty prom socks or not, good luck and have fun!


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This is an image of "My Goal is... Prom" promposal custom printed socks.
This is an image of "I Have A Great Idea. Prom?" promposal custom printed socks.
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