Meet the Pups of sockprints for National Puppy Day

This is an image of "I Ruff You to the Moon and Back" custom printed pet socks.

Life can be “ruff” at times. When the going gets tough, we can always rely on that one furry friend who can cheer you up instantly and put a huge smile on your face. In honor of National Puppy Day, we're throwing it back to the times when some of the sockprints staff had their initial “puppy love” moments. Come meet the pups that are a part of the sockprints family! 


Meet the Pups

This is an image of a white cockapoo dog.


The unofficial sockprints pet model! In June 2016, when Emi was about a year old, she was rescued by the family of Erinn, one of sockprints’ Production team members.

Because Emi is an absolute queen, she needs to go on at least 3 walks a day. If she doesn't, she'll start to pout. So after coming home from work one night, I was walking Emi around our nearby elementary school and all of a sudden she just stops and lies down. I try to tug her along, but she stops again and takes a stance. This goes on for another 5 minutes and eventually she's so exhausted, she just falls down on her side and doesn't move. She repeats this process about 3 more times, until I lift up her tail to see what's going on. Upon looking, I find a piece of floss that is stuck. With all my stomach power, I pull the string out and suddenly she jumps right back up and merrily prances home, as if nothing happened. Needless to say, this is why she's my favorite dog in this entire world.

You can find this adorable cockapoo modeling on some of our beloved pet socks, like the starry I Ruff You To The Moon And Back - available in crew and no-show custom socks!


This is an image of a chocolate labrador dog.


In January of 2015, sockprints' Design Team expert, Kim, and her family adopted the lovable chocolate laborador retriever, Catalina.

“At the time, we lived in Alabama, and in the summer there are a ton of cicadas, which if you don't know, are a flying beetle that make a very loud buzzing sound. One night a cicada flew in through the back door and was flying around the living room. Catalina instantly went into hunt mode, leapt into the air, and snapped her jaws shut around the poor thing. The loud buzz from the cicada slowly whirred to a pitiful stop, and we thought, "Oh god, she's killed it!" I walked over in a panic to try to pry her jaws open to get it out, when the buzz started back up again! The look of surprise on Catalina's face as she panicked and tried to open her jaws to let it out had us busting up with laughter. She tried to release the bug, but the cicada was stuck in the roof of her mouth, she freaked and started throwing her head back and forth to try to shake it loose. The cicada broke free and began to circle the room again. My two roommates, Catalina, and myself are all running around the living room, trying to catch the thing, and then Catalina leaps for a second time, snatches the cicada out of the air, and swallowed it.”

In Kim and Catalina’s case, it was really love at first bark! For those looking to capture that extra special puppy moment, check out the heart-filled It Was Love At First Bark custom printed socks.


This is an image of a mixed breed dog. 


sockprints’ Customer Relations team member, Keri, rescued Juego the mixed breed (and potentially "part alien") pup from the shelter in February 2011.

“Juego was already a year old when I adopted him so I thought we would skip all the puppy behavior... I was wrong. When we lived in New Mexico, I would put this adorable doggie backpack on him and we would go hiking every weekend. One time we decided to hike a creek up to a waterfall. I let Juego off the leash and he took off as he always did. About 10 minutes later, he hadn't checked in so I started to call his name. He didn't coming running back, so I started to walk faster to try and find him. I see something ahead thrashing in the creek and just as the panic is starting to kick in I notice that it is my own dog jumping and splashing in the water like a little kid. He sees me, runs up to me, and knocks me down trying to give me kisses! He later rolled in a mud puddle, but I try to block that part of the story from my memory.”

No amount of sloppy-dog kisses could come close to the fun-loving relationship between Keri and Juego. For those outdoor adventures, the Special Socks For Our Walks personalized socks are a simple way to show some affection to the pups that have all of our attention.



Though our four-legged puppy friends may have grown into full-fledged dog adults by now, those youthful moments will always hold a special place in our hearts. Don’t forget to give them that extra hug and treat on this “paw”some day of appreciation! 



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