Sockprints Spotlight: Mix & Match Bottoms Up Sock Sets

This is an image of sweets and treats themed Mix & Match Bottoms Up "If You Can Read This" sock sets.

Believe it or not, you can tell a lot about a person from his or her sole. Not by the type of shoes, in this case, but by the contents and appearance of his or her sock drawer.

Would you categorize yourself as the meticulous closet organizer with rows of perfectly matched no-show pairs? Or the free-spirited sock collector with piles of random colored crew, knee-high, and no-show socks? (Finding a matching side? Highly unlikely.) Or maybe even a combination of both?

Regardless, wherever you find yourself on the sock drawer spectrum, sock lovers can rejoice as we devote this month’s Sockprints Spotlight to a new bundle that caters to both the organized and free-spirited soul; say hello to the best of both world’s with our Mix & Match “If You Can Read This” sock sets!


How It Works

Similar to the individual pairs of Bottoms Up no-show personalized socks, these comfortable customizable socks have hidden messaging on the bottom of the soles, making for an easy way to get what you want without saying a word. Simply sit down and wiggle your toes a few times to get someone’s attention.

However, the Mix & Match “If You Can Read This” sock sets take the individual personalized socks to the next level. Made-to-order, the no-show bundle consists of 6 custom socks: 2 “If You Can Read This” socks and 4 themed socks. Altogether, one Mix & Match Bottoms Up set creates 8 unique pairs of custom socks! That’s seven more ways to creatively convey the message at hand (or should I say foot!).


If You Can Read This...

On these conversation starters, a couple fun and humorous phrases are printed on the bottom of two no-show socks. Begin by choosing either the “If You Can Read This” or “Since You Are Reading This” sock. Then, slip in on your right foot (otherwise it will be backwards), and pair it with one of our fun themes to create the ultimate personalized sock pair.


Personalized Theme Socks

Now here comes the fun part. Accompanying the “If You Can Read This” and
Since You Are Reading This” no-shows are four specially designed custom socks, based on the theme of your choice. Personalize this bundle by choosing from our assortment of themes like golf, sweets and treats, dogs and pets, wine, and more. Complete the look and message by grabbing one of the four themed customized socks and wearing it on your left foot! All in all, this set of no-show personalized socks is the perfect gift for that friend or family member that can’t get enough of their favorites.



Individually unique, together complete. No matter how you store your soles, the Mix & Matcha Bottoms Up sock sets work for every soul!

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This is an image of the wine themed Mix & Matcha Bottoms Up "If You Can Read This" sock sets. This is an image of nap time themed Mix & Matcha Bottoms Up "If You Can Read This" sock sets.
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