Fall Accessories: Functional Meets Fashionable

As the days get shorter and the leaves begin to turn, we welcome fall with open arms. Accompanying this amazing season filled with beautiful, vibrant colors and chilly weather is a mix of new innovative fashion trends (think belted coats, vintage-inspired furs, and more!) and classic fall fashion staples (scarves, knee high socks, etc.). Although we only get to experience autumn’s perks for a few months of every year, we are ecstatic to bust out some of our favorite fall accessories to layer from head to toe.


This is an image of a grey headband.

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Starting from the top, cute meets comfortable with our first featured fall accessory. Make a fashion statement, while keeping your head and ears warm with the classic headband. Often made of wool and/or acrylic blends, this fashionable addition is knit or crocheted into a unique design; popular styles include cable knit, braided, and more. Make sure to choose a color to match your outfit!


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Wake up with bed head? Don’t panic! Grab a beanie from the closet to easily hide a bad hair day. This stylish go-to accessory keeps the top of your head warm thanks to its head-hugging brimless cap. Unlike the headband, beanies are made of lightweight, man-made acrylic materials consisting of synthetic fibers. Since this material does not breathe well, it is easy to warm up in a chilly environment (more information on acrylic versus wool hats available on Livestrong). All in all, for an effortless look that keeps the head warm, opt for the beanie.


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Photo courtesy of Little Monkeys Crochet


Add another layer of warmth with this functional and fashionable classic: the humble scarf. Over the past century, this accessory has transformed numerous times based on the trends of the decade. From pashmina to wool to silk, the possibilities are endless when it comes to picking a material. Not to mention, designs range from the regular, simple scarf to the modern, infinity scarf. Whichever trendy scarf you choose wear, this versatile, investment piece is surefire way to keep you toasty over the years.


This is an image of fingerless winter gloves.

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Believe it or not, high-quality winter gloves are an overlooked fashion piece. Typically made with a leather exterior and wool-cashmere-nylon blended interior, gloves are fitted and snug to make sure no heat is lost between the fingers. Nowadays, companies create designs that allow us to stay connected to our mobiles with fingerless gloves. This allows the best of both worlds: staying nice and cozy without losing dexterity. Win, win!


This is an image of knee high customized socks.

Knee High Socks

Last but not least, keep the feeling in your toes with comfortable, warm long socks. While some may choose to wear itchy wool socks, we’ve got other options in mind - knee high socks! In addition to more coverage, our cotton blend knee high socks provide a full cushion (heel through toe), arch support, and a smooth toe inseam. Take one extra fashion-forward step by repping knee high customized socks. Create one-of-a-kind custom socks by simply uploading a design; each is personalized by the pair! For inspirational designs of custom socks, see our Sockprints Instagram.



This autumn, there are virtually no limits when it comes to staying warm (and cute!), thanks to these functional, fashionable accessories. Sending warm wishes to everyone!

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This is an image of knee high customized socks.
This is an image of knee high customized socks.
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*Use code "MERRY15" for 15% off

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