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Take it from Eric Byrnes, it’s time to get outside and play! With youth activity at an all time low, sockprints has partnered with the non-profit organization, Let Them Play Foundation, to sponsor their project, Triathlon Across America. In a span of three months, this event will cover 3000+ miles of swimming, biking, and running, in hopes to motivate kids to get active and bring awareness to the dwindling amounts of Physical Education programs in public schools across the country.

As fellow athletes and supporters of youth sports, this project really hits home for the sockprints family. To honor the organization’s ongoing efforts to provide grants to community and nationwide programs, we’re donating a portion of future purchases to the Let Them Play Foundation. Learn more about the project, organization, and upcoming events below.


Triathlon Across America

Former Major League Baseball player turned endurance athlete, Eric Byrnes, has embarked on a mission to bring light to the dwindling Physical Education (PE) programs in public schools across the country. With approximately 97% of all public schools without everyday PE class funding (according to the American Heart Association), Byrnes has made an effort to raise awareness by setting foot on land and sea for his Triathlon Across America.

On July 22, 2018, Byrnes jumped in McCovey Cove, beyond the right field wall at AT&T Park in San Francisco, and swam 7 miles to Oakland. He then hopped on his bike and is currently riding approximately 2344 miles to Chicago. Afterwards, he will strap on his running shoes and run the final distance of 846 miles, ending the journey at Yankee Stadium in New York City. Along the way, Byrnes will do his best to recruit other swimmers, bikers, and runners to join him for parts of the journey through a variety of cities across America.

The proceeds of the Triathlon Across America will be donated to the Let Them Play Foundation, and will be dispersed through grants to different national and local organizations committed to expanding youth physical education and after school activity programs.


Let Them Play Foundation

Founded by Byrnes and his wife Tarah, the Let Them Play Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps local and national communities by supporting programs that provide opportunities for children to get active and play. In addition, the organization relentlessly works to bring awareness and educate others about the overall importance of the effects of physical activity on the human body, specifically children.

Aligned with their mission to educate, every event along Byrnes’ cross-country Triathlon Across America journey will be documented in the ‘Let Them Play’ Documentary. Not only will they capture the essence of small and big towns across America, but they will also discuss the incredible impact of physical education and activity through first-hand stories by doctors and families. And, of course, the importance of support systems, especially family.

Again, every dollar raised along the journey will be donated to the Let Them Play Foundation. For the full list of park stops, speaking engagements, book signings, and group rides and runs, visit the Let Them Play Foundation website.


Sockprints Gives Back

Though sockprints was founded on the sidelines of a soccer field, we weren’t going to sit out on this opportunity. In fact, majority of the sockprints family grew up with team sports, like soccer and basketball. After reminiscing about the nostalgic memories of extracurricular high school sports and weekend club tournaments, we instantly knew that this organization was the perfect match. By partnering with the Let Them Play Foundation, we’re determined to further promote the importance of health and fitness in today’s youth.

Cheering for Byrnes in the Triathlon Across America is just one way we are supporting the organization's initiatives. In addition, we are paying it forward by donating 20% of the custom printed socks proceeds from this link to the Let Them Play Foundation. (Not to mention, you could win some cool customized socks at the different pop-up events!) We invite you to check out the collection of special edition Let Them Play - Triathlon Across America custom printed socks.



Don’t miss out on this opportunity to support an amazing cause. For daily updates, follow the Let Them Play Foundation’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We'll be rooting for him every step of the way until he reaches The Big Apple!



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