Stay Cool, Dry, and Fashionable with Face Masks

This is an image of the Blue Slithery Smile Printed on a Non-medical Cotton Face Mask.

As summer temperatures rise along with the spread of COVID-19, we toe the line between safety and discomfort. Despite these seasonal changes, we can tackle both issues by saying "yes" to wearing a comfortable face mask. In our latest blog post, we explore additional ways to stay cool, dry, and fashionable with 2020's hottest accessory, face masks.


Keep Cool with Cotton

One of the easiest ways to curb the discomfort of face masks is choosing a  light, breathable material like cotton. Though this material is not considered "medical grade," it is a great option for the weekly trip to the grocery store or other day-to-day socially distant activities. At sockprints, our face coverings are 100% combed cotton, a soft, lightweight, high-quality material. For more information, check out the full selection of 100% Cotton Face Masks.


Less Air, Less Moisture

Compared to synthetic "medical-grade" materials, cotton is less likely to trap air and moisture. However, combined with triple degree temperatures and long periods of time, it may get a little claustrophobic and damp from sweat. Keep your mask dry by staying in a well-ventilated area. Not only does this provide some breathable comfort, but it also helps filter particles more effectively. Alternatively, carry a spare face mask for those unbearable hot and humid days.


Make it Fashionable

If face masks are a requirement, why not have some fun with it? Get creative with our blank canvas Custom Printed Face Mask with your Design or Text or browse our variety of designs for inspiration. As a reminder, our face masks are non-medical grade, washable, reusable, and 3 layers of 100% combed cotton. Stay safe and be well!

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