Sport Fan Superstitions You Didn’t Know Existed

Sport Fan Superstitions You Didn’t Know Existed

Nachos. Check! 🧀
Sliders. Check! 🍔
Sweaty socks. Check! Wait… what?? 😂

We’re full on into game season, and the sports fans are ready to support with their most common pre-game and game-watching rituals. 

According to a 2023 study, 25% of sports fans admit to completing one or more rituals each game to help ensure their teams play their very best. And some numbers suggest this number might be closer to two-thirds! 🤔
Rituals can help us feel connected. Or—since the ref can’t hear our opinions—at least like we’re doing our part to help the team play better from the comfort of our couch. And the vote of confidence from fans has been shown to improve team performance (home field advantage anyone? 🏟) On the flip side, 62% of fans have actually blamed themselves for a team’s loss after failing to complete routine rituals! 

Whether it’s science, or just superstition, we’re here to highlight some sports fan traditions—and how you can participate or support those who do. 

Game day food

snacks typically eaten while watching a football match

Whether it’s Korean BBQ fusion fries, or carrot sticks with ranch dip, foot and football have always gone hand-in-hand. 

But some fans go beyond tradition (because who doesn’t love snacks and a show? 🤤), to making a specific game-day meal part of their good-luck ritual. Our thoughts? We’re down to eat anything—as long as there’s some spirits to go with our team spirit! 🍺🍸🍹😉

What? You’ll drink to that? Check out our boozy sock collection! 

Staying in the Same Spot

3 sports fan throw pillows personalized with names and sports

Have you ever gotten up to use the bathroom in the middle of the game, only to have the ball turnover to the other team just as you did? 😅 If so, you’re not alone. 

For many sports fans, sitting in the same spot the entire game—maybe even every game—has become common when watching their favorite teams. 

While we can’t help you with needing a bathroom break, for everything else, our bottoms-up socks have you covered (literally!). Need the remote? A beer? A slice of pizza? 🍕

With a bold text printed on the bottom of your socks, your feet will say it all! Plus, socks can be customized to match your game day traditions (more baklava please! 🙋‍♀️). 

Lucky clothing

Wearing lucky clothing—whether that’s a jersey, socks, or some other article (we’ll let you use your imagination 🤨)—is one of the most common superstitious activities sports fans take part in. What’s more? Some said they won’t wash clothing all season if the season is going well for their team! 😳

sports fan crew socks with photo of sports fan

We’re not here to judge your hygiene. BUT. If you are going to wear the same socks for an entire season without washing, our cotton-blend sports socks come in team colors—while offering breathability (and minimal foot sweating) and durability to last all season long… and then some! 

One more helpful hint? Get a second pair to wear into the office the next day, letting your coworkers know that your team won… without the smell! #Win-Win! 


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