Sockprints Values Series: Our Vision

Sockprints Values Series: Our Vision

As we’ve built out our Sockprints value series, much of the focus has been on who we are, what we cherish, and why we do what we do. Now, as we close out this series with our final post, we want to focus on the future—namely, who we want to be and where we want to go. 

Sockprints: Our Vision

Without a clear goal in mind, it’s hard to commit. (Why do you think we have previews of our awesome custom face socks with your personalized photos? Who would have known Uncle Bobby would look so great on a sock otherwise?)

For us, our vision helps us ensure we’re being intentional about our growth, our practices, and how we run our business. 

“As an empowered women-owned business in the decorative apparel space, our vision is to be the premier printing resource for anyone seeking to bring to life their custom designs reflecting their thoughts, ideas and dreams.”

Sound nice? We think so, too. 😊 But a vision without execution is just wishful thinking. 🤞

Here are three ways Sockprints puts its vision in practice every single day!

Empowering women-owned businesses

“As an empowered women-owned business,” we know the importance of supporting other women, too. 👯‍♀️

That’s why Sockprints supports Kiva, an international nonprofit that provides much-needed business loans to alleviate poverty. Through Kiva, Sockprints is able to fund microloans for women-owned businesses across the globe—giving back and keeping the good vibes going.

 #LadiesCelebratingLadies  🌎

Providing premier services and products for individuals

When it comes to premier apparel, people often think “personalized” or “tailored” and imagine exclusively designed couture for red carpet runways. 💁‍♀️📸

But the truth is, you shouldn’t have to be a movie star to have something custom and amazing for your red (or gray or speckled or even shag… we don’t judge 😉) carpet looks!

That’s why we commit to using only the best cottons, dyes, and inks as part of our eco-friendly products—offering you high levels of comfort, practicality, and fashion, for a price the everyday individual can afford. No cheap fabrics. No cutting corners. (Although we can’t guarantee you won’t be cutting a rug—our socks are THAT comfortable 🕺).  

Why? Because each individual deserves the right to premier services and comfort, even if they’re not attending their own movie premier. 🎟🎬🌟

Reflecting thoughts, dreams, and ideas 

At the end of the day, we realize that even the silliest of socks stem from something sentimental. Special memories and moments. ❤️ Favorite pets.🐶🐱🐢 Cherished loved ones (especially when they’re making funny faces! 🙃). 

That’s why Sockprints works to ensure high standards for photos—and printing—so that each memory, quippy saying, or photo appropriately reflects the intended sentiment, be that friendship, fun, appreciation, or otherwise. 💕

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