Say it With Socks (and More!): 10 Great Gifts for Mom and Dad They’ll Love

Say it With Socks (and More!): 10 Great Gifts for Mom and Dad They’ll Love

This month, we’re celebrating working parents everywhere as part of National Working Parents Appreciation day! 

Sockprints was started by two entrepreneurial soccer moms, and this month we recognize the impact that working parents can have both in the home and in the world with a national holiday (that we think needs more recognition!).

Working Parents in the U.S. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 88 percent of families with children have one parent that works outside the home—and 60 percent have two parents working outside the home!

Parents that work do more than just provide income to keep a household running. They provide meals, balance school, care, and activity schedules, and find time for movies and snuggles, too! Studies have even shown that parents who work create positive role models for their kids and provide added opportunities for kids to learn independence and responsibility. (Yes, Junior, that dog you adopted really does need to be walked by you! 🐶) 

For anyone that has babysat for more than a few hours—you know that parents who work inside the home have their hands full, too! 😅


Celebrating Mom and Dad: 10 Great Personalized Gifts that Will Help them Feel Special

Wherever your parents work, they deserve a thank you and a treat. 🙌

And we’re here to help! Check out these 10 great gifts for working moms and dads they’re sure to love. And as a bonus, we’ve even included a few under $15—just in case your allowance money doesn’t stretch that far. 😉


Gifts for mom: 

Customized Face Socks Gift Set

Okay, is it narcissistic to give your parents socks with your face on them as a thank you? 🤔

We say no! 

After all, many parents report being motivated to work hard for their families—in addition to their personal career development. But if you’re feeling sock-shy, don’t worry. Sockprints offers customized photo print sock sets that can be customized with almost anything from pictures of pets, to favorite family vacation photos, to initials for a more subtle look. 

PillowPrintz Custom Pillowcases

Give mom something she’ll love: a good night’s sleep! (Self-care, anyone? 🙋‍♀️)

PillowPrintz custom pillowcases are soft, durable, and printed with a safe, water-based and eco-friendly ink for peace of mind as you lay your head down at night. Customize pillowcases with text or images to give Mom something practical she can return to time and time again—because even superheroes need their sleep!

Monogrammed Totes for Mom

What better way to support a mom-on-the-go than with a custom tote bag she’ll love? 

Sockprints customizable totes offer a variety of monogrammed, quality canvas totes large enough to carry laptops, books, gym clothes, snacks—or just 5 lbs of used tissues and old takeout receipts. 😉 (we’re not here to judge!)

Classy, Sassy Kitchen Towels to Spark Joy... and Smiles!

Personalized kitchen towel gifts

Really want to make Mom or Dad happy? Do the dishes—without being asked! 😅

But if you're no longer at home to help out around the house, send a gift that's sure to make them smile every time they see it and think of you: personalized kitchen towels! 

Our newly launched line of kitchen towels offers two-towel sets, including photo print and monogrammed options. Whether you're a Master Chef, a TV show wannabe, or still Sous Chef material, there's something for everyone!


Budget Bonus! Socks for Mom Specials 

Our Socks for Mom specials provide the perfect gift for tiny budgets, with personalized names and proven designs she’s sure to love. With over 15 customizable and ready-made designs available for under $15—and tons of colors to choose from—the hardest part of sticking to your budget will be choosing just one!


Gifts for dad: 

Say it With Socks— AKA: The Perfect Gift for a Star Wars Loving Dad

Show Dad you’re a perfect and appreciative Padawan learner with Sockprints Star Wars-inspired socks.

With crew socks designed to show that you’ll “Love him to the Death Star and back,” these fun gifts will be sure to say “Dad, Yoda best!

Personalized Dress Socks for Dad

Okay, we get it. Going from Star Wars to dress socks? Snore! 

And while normally we’d agree, Sockprints shows that with the right designs, dress socks don’t have to be dull. 

Whether he prefers clever sayings, or just a classy monogram, Sockprints offers individual and boxed sets of customized socks he can wear day in and day out. 

After-hours Gifts for Dad

After work, is there anything better than kicking back and putting your feet up? 

We didn’t think so... Until launching our Bottoms Up sock collection, that is! 

Give Dad the gift of rest and recovery with witty socks that allow him to kick back, relax, and communicate what he’d really love most (cold beer, anyone?). Bonus points for gifting him these socks—and fulfilling their requests! 


Father of the Bride/Father of the Groom Socks

It’s true. These socks aren’t for everyone. 

But with all those 2020 and early 2021 weddings finally starting to get rescheduled, we thought we’d share in case it’s helpful! Plus, they’re the perfect personalized gift for any father of the bride or groom. (You can thank us later 😉)

Sockprints offers ready-made designs, as well as dress socks that can be personalized with names, dates, or even faces of the dad who got you to where you are today. Check out our selection of father of the bride/father of the groom socks today! 

Budget Bonus! Gifts for Dads Who Love Sports

Baseball. Soccer. Football. Even Fencing! En Garde! 🤺 

Sockprints offers an array of sport socks for your dad and his favorite team (ideally, yours!)—with most available for under $15. And, if you want to pick up gifts for the team while you’re at it, group discounts are available for bulk orders!


Be sure to thank your parents, and if you post on social media, use the hashtag #workingparents to celebrate this month! 

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