Meaningful Ways to Say “Thank You” and Include Loved Ones in Your Wedding

Meaningful Ways to Say “Thank You” and Include Loved Ones in Your Wedding


Bride. Groom. Flowers. Dress. Rings. Food. Centerpieces. And don’t forget the really good cake! 🍰

There are a lot of things that come to mind, and even more that need to be considered, when it comes to planning a wedding. It’s your special day! 

But weddings are about more than just the love of the two getting married—they’re an opportunity to celebrate and honor the love of all of those—parents, friends, family—who have supported the happy couple in their journey to find each other. And many times, they’re just as excited about this big day as you. (Need more proof? How many times has your sister asked about colors for bridesmaid dresses? Or how many times has your future mother-in-law asked you about guest list size? That’s what we thought! 😉)

Including the right thoughtful gifts and personalized touches in your wedding can help your loved ones feel appreciated from the moment you announce your engagement and set the date to the post-reception thank yous. We’re here to help you keep your loved ones included throughout your wedding planning process—whatever your budget! 

Bridesmaid and groomsmen proposal gifts 

Bachelorette party gifts

They stood by you through college, high school, or—if you’re really lucky—even those really awkward and turbulent middle school years! 😅 They’re your best friends, and you’re hoping they’ll stand beside you on your special day—and feel special themselves, too. 👯‍♀️

But with Save the Dates that need to go out, wedding dresses that need to be ordered, and twenty other things at top of mind, keeping your wedding party proposals simple is key to your sanity (and your fiance’s!). A thoughtful note and a small personalized gift is a perfect way to invite your friends and family to be a part of your big day. 

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Special gifts for the father and brothers of the bride and groom


While a lot of wedding magazines and websites focus on fashions for the bride—dresses, jewelry, veils, shoes, etc—there’s plenty of ways to keep the groom, groomsmen, and groomswomen feeling dapper, too. 🤵

Customizing accessories is one way to add flair to tuxedos, suits, sherwanis, hanboks, kilts—or whatever your wedding wear of choice is! Additionally, using accessories to remember a family member or loved one who has passed can be a sweet way to honor that person and have them with you on your special day. 

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Thank you gifts for moms, grandmas, and others, too!

From encouraging us after our first heartbreak to get back out there, to answering the call and squealing after you announced your engagement 💍, our mothers, grandmothers, and aunties (biological, adopted, or chosen!) have been there, cheering us on, on our path to find love. And chances are, they’ve been there behind the scenes—pulling together thoughtful centerpieces, proofreading invites, and adding creative personal touches to make your day special. 💐

Creating a personalized photo keepsake can help them look back on a day that was special for them—and you, too!—by bringing it to life in something they use every day. Printing a favorite photo from the day on an article of clothing, tote bag for groceries and goodies, or even a photo quilt or laundry bag can be that fun reminder of the big day—in a practical way! (Goodbye boring fridge magnets or dusty photo albums! 👋)

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How to thank your wedding party for their support on your big day

We’ve all been there before. 

After enthusiastically agreeing to be a bridesmaid or groomsman in a wedding, 🎉 we start to realize the time and financial commitments involved. 😅 Traveling to and from weddings—not to mention bachelor and bachelorette parties—paying for dresses and renting tuxes, having all the hair done just right for those picture-perfect moments… it can add up quickly! 💸 

And with the bride and groom wrapped up mingling with full guest lists, it’s easy to feel like the wedding party gets lost in the shuffle. 😔

As such, asking someone to be a part of your own wedding party can feel daunting. But your loved ones want to support you on your big day! And with a thoughtful “thank you,” they’ll know their efforts were worth it. A thank you card, a bottle of rosé or a few treats, and a personalized gift (maybe a photo of you and that guest of honor from the big day, all delivered in a monogrammed bag? Yes please! 🙋‍♀️) can go a long way in helping them feel included and appreciated—long after the wedding day! 🤗

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Many couples dream of a truly unforgettable wedding day. By taking the time, and budget, to give back to some of your loved ones as part of your special day, you ensure it really will be a day to remember—especially for those who matter most. 

After all, if there’s anything that weddings remind us, it’s that the love of others is what makes life beautiful. 💕

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