Introducing the AF Personalized Socks Collection

This is an image of Crazy AF no show socks.

Single AF. Crazy AF. Pregnant AF. You name it. Our latest sockprints spotlight features our most relatable pairs to date: AF personalized socks. (If you're new to this internet slang acronym, we recommend reading this article by Lifewire.) For a quick visual introduction to this fun (AF) collection, read on!


Slow AF

Slow down and enjoy the moment with the adorable Slow AF Sloth No Show Socks. Perfect for everyday wear, this comfortable pair is a constant reminder to take it easy. 


Zen AF

Calling all yoga fans! Zen out at home or in class with these yoga-inspired Zen AF Sloth No Show Socks. This pair is available in youth, ladies, and mens sizes.


Crazy AF

Make a statement with the Crazy AF Sloth No Show Socks. Custom printed on white socks, these socks are great as little gifts for your group of fun-loving friends. 


Engaged AF

Take your engagement announcement to the next level with customized Engaged AF Personalized Socks. Add the proposal date to the custom printed socks to make your pair one-of-a-kind. 


Single AF

As if you didn't need another reason to explain your relationship status. Great as gag gifts, the Single AF Personalized Socks are a humorous pair that can be personalized with the year. 


Married AF

Show your significant other how much you adore them by wearing the Married AF Personalized Socks. Customize this pair with your wedding date for your own special memento. 


Divorced AF

A playful outlook on the process of divorce. Officially say goodbye with the Divorced AF Personalized Socks custom printed with a date. Simply, choose the color of your no-show socks to get started. 


Pregnant AF

Shout-out to all the future mamas out there! Though your ankles may be swollen, your feet will feel amazing in a comfortable pair of Pregnant AF Personalized Socks. Gift it for baby showers, gender reveals, or as a present for an expectant Mom.



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