Have A Laugh on Working Naked Day

Have A Laugh on Working Naked Day

With majority of us still working from home, what better time than now to celebrate Working Naked Day! (Yes, it is a designated day.) If you're getting cold feet on Working Naked Day, we got you covered with our My Work From Home With Just These Socks On No Show Socks. Learn all about this funny holiday below.


When did Working Naked Day start?

Working Naked Day was founded by Lisa Kanarek over 20 years ago when she left her corporate job to start working from home. She even created a brand called Working Naked. The day was created to celebrate the freedom and flexibility of working from home without the stress of traffic, office drama, fresh-pressed suits, and more. Since then, on the first Friday of every February, people acknowledge these little wins of working from home with Working Naked Day.


How to Celebrate Working Naked Day

When you think about work and professionalism, wearing your birthday suit may not be the go-to business casual outfit that initially comes to mind. That's where working from home and the recognition of this day comes into play. Celebrate in the comfort of one's home the freedom that work from home provides. Spruce up your space or find a new productive way to work! Of course, if you are not comfortable with the whole nakedness vibe, we've got you covered with our My Work From Home With Just These Socks On No Show Socks.

No matter how you do it, here's to a productive Friday!


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