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Bow-tiful Vibes: Dive into the Coquette Bow Craze!

Let's talk about something that's been lighting up our feeds lately: coquette bows! You know, those cute bows that add a sprinkle of charm to any outfit? Well, they're back in a big way, and we're totally here for it. From everyday wear to special occasions we've been having some fun incorporating this trend at sockprints!

The Allure of Coquette Bows

black coquette bows on jeans

Have you ever seen anything as adorable as a coquette bow? They're like the fashion equivalent of a warm hug. Plus, they're super versatile. Whether you're rocking a casual jeans-and-tee combo or getting dolled up for a fancy night out, a coquette bow adds that extra touch of sweetness that takes your look to the next level.

selena gomez bow couture

And, did you know that coquette bows have been around since, like, forever? Yep, they've been popping up in fashion for centuries, and they've never gone out of style. From vintage glam to modern chic, coquette bows have always had their moment in the spotlight. 

Everyone's getting in on the bow game. Celebs and influencers are all over this trend too. From red carpet stunners to everyday street style, seeing our favorite stars rocking bows just gives us even more inspo to play around with the trend ourselves. 


So, how do we get in on the coquette bow action? Easy peasy! Explore our collection of coquette bow designed tote bags or create your own using our online design tool. Here's some inspiration!

Canvas Shoulder Tote

pink coquette bow on a canvas tote filled with flowers




Isn't she pretty in pink? Our coquette bow custom printed on a natural canvas tote bag is available in 6 color options: pink, light green, berry, purple, gray and blue. Need a different color? That's not a problem when you work with our talented design team. We can match (or come super close) to your choice of color. We love this tote to add a splash of femininity to your outfit of the day!






Bridal and Bachelorette Gifts

coquette bridesmaid tote bag

Our wedding-inspired tote bags, featuring an all-over bow design screams charm. And, here's the best part: each tote can be personalized with your choice of wedding role, ensuring that every member of your bridal or bachelorette party feels truly special. Whether they're your maid of honor, bridesmaid, or honorary bridesmaid, these totes are the perfect way to show your appreciation and make them feel like the VIPs they are. Adorable doesn't even begin to cover it!




Sorority Campus Tote

alpha phi pink sorority tote bag with a black coquette bow



With the bow trend on the rise, it's no surprise that one of our best sellers is our pink canvas tote with a classic black bow. Licensed for all 26 NPC organizations, sorority letters and name are printed in black with eco-friendly inks on this heavy canvas tote bag, perfect for everyday campus gear.





More Coquette Bows - Still need more bow fun? Create your own custom printed socks, kitchen towels, pillow covers and more using our online design tool. Upload your favorite bow design and we'll take it from there to create your own, unique personal and house accessories.

your design printed on socks towels and pillow covers

So, what's next for our beloved coquette bows? Well, if history's anything to go by, they're here to stay! As long as there are fashionistas who can't resist their charm, coquette bows will keep on shining. Who knows what the future holds, but one thing's for sure: we'll be wearing our bows with pride, today and always!

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