6 Essentials for Your Bridal Party

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Wedding season is upon us! Though the logistics of the wedding, bridal shower, and bachelorette party can get a bit chaotic, it is important to take time to show your appreciation to those involved. To help mitigate the stresses of planning (especially for the bride-to-be), we’ve provided six essentials for your bridal party.


Matching Shirts

Price: Varies

Would your bachelorette party really be official without the attire? You know, the popular trend of matching-sparkly-screen-printed-shirts-or-tanks that boldly state “Bride,” “Maid of Honor,” and “Bridesmaid” across the chest. Create your own design or choose from an assortment of templates from different Etsy vendors to get started.


Bride & Bridal Party Socks

Price: $13.95

For those soon-to-be brides that are looking for more functional gifts, mix it up with a pair of personalized socks. Unique and affordable, our selection of Bride and Bridal Party socks is the perfect way to show your bridesmaids some love. The sockprints wedding socks collection contains everything from colorful floral no-show custom printed socks to personalized crew custom printed socks. Plus, brides love the popular Succulent Wreath Floral no-show socks and Mermaid Theme Bride and Bridal Wedding Party no-show socks for its customizable name and date features. Whether you want to personalize or not, we will help you find your perfect pair.


Face Masks

Price: Varies

Give everyone’s skin some TLC before the wedding with a few refreshing face masks. If you are crunched for time, head to your local beauty store to choose from a variety of masks based on skin type. For an all-organic approach, check out the USDA certified organic masks from companies like 100% Pure. Better yet, for a fun bonding bachelorette activity, make and test your own DIY masks with your girls; start the process by following Marie Claire's 6 Super-Easy DIY Face Masks for Bright, Glowing Skin.


Minimergency Kit

Price: $18.00

Not only is the handy, dandy Minimergency Kit for Bridesmaids great for your bachelorette party, but also for the wedding! Filled with essentials like band aids, safety pins, and hair spray,the Minimergency Kit helps keep you calm and collected, no matter the situation. Plus, this travel-friendly kit is tiny enough to take on a bachelorette “destination vacation” party.


Matcha To Go Sticks

Price: $18.80

Skip the coffee and get energized with Matcha green tea! After a long night out on the town, in the morning, rejuvenate with the superfood antioxidant power and all-natural energy of Matcha. Similar to the Minimergency Kit, with Aiya’s Matcha To Go Sticks, your whole bridal party can pack these light packets in their purse or suitcase. When the time comes, simply add one Matcha To Go stick to a regular (16.9 ounce) water bottle and shake. Your friends will thank you later!


Personalized Letter

Price: Priceless!

The best part of the gift (in our opinion!). Get nostalgic by cherishing fond childhood memories in a handwritten note for each friend. It is a one-of-a-kind, yet personal way to show your appreciation. (If you want to get extra fancy, step up your game with wedding-themed stationery!)


Regardless of what you decide to give your bridal party, they will love it! Best wishes to the newlyweds!



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