5 Tips to Design the Perfect Pair of Custom Socks

5 Tips to Design the Perfect Pair of Custom Socks

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Providing custom fun for feet since 2009, sockprints has been printing custom socks and personalized socks created by you for over a decade. We offer socks for men, women, and kids, providing a blank canvas where you can add text, designs, photos, and almost anything else that can be printed. Using our patented process, we have perfected custom printing on socks, allowing for individual orders of custom socks without large minimums. Design like a pro with these 5 tips to design the perfect pair of custom socks.


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Tip #1: Use a high-quality image

Simply put, the better the image, the better the socks. Not only is a high-quality image great for the memories, but it is a great indicator of how sharp your custom socks will turn out. If it looks blurry or fuzzy on your screen, then that is what it will look like printed on the socks. To avoid this issue, we recommend uploading a good-quality, high-resolution image with a 300 dpi minimum for the best results.

For sock styles that are image heavy, we also recommend looking over these tips for great photo socks before uploading your image. These tips include: finding optimal lighting, placing the face fully in frame, focusing on the subject, and keeping the subject in range (not too far or close from the camera). Follow these guidelines and your custom socks will turn out amazing. 


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Tip #2: Use graphics from our library or upload your own

Keep it simple with graphics. When designing with the sockprints design tool, customers have access to our wide variety of graphics and icons. Alternatively, if you have a specific graphic already in mind, there is an option to upload to ensure that it best matches the design.


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Tip #3: Add text & choose a font 

The elements of text, font size, and font selection can change the overall look and feel of the design. To give some typeface insights, we asked our friends at TheHungryJPEG for tips on choosing a font. 

A sans serif font, such as Sansterdam, adds a minimalistic and modern touch. Plus, this specific font is condensed, allowing for more white space on the blank custom socks canvas. A serif font, like Riffle, adds a classy and sophisticated feel to any product. Lastly, a script font, such as Amelya, adds a fun flair with its many cursive and swirl details.

At the end of the day, keep in mind that text that is too small or fonts that are too thin won't be legible to the eye. For more information and resources on font best practices, visit TheHungryJPEG's blog or read their Best Practices for Premium Font Combinations.


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Tip #4: Think about composition & placement

How will the design be seen when worn on the socks? Where do you want the graphic to sit on the leg when it is worn? Should the design be petite and subtle or bold and loud? These are just a few questions to consider when playing with the composition and placement of the design on the custom socks.

With our design tool, customers can easily adjust the size and position of the different elements. Rearrange the graphics, text, and other artwork as needed.


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Tip #5: Reach out for help

At sockprints, our dedicated design team is happy to answer questions or provide help on any custom socks project. For all design-related inquiries, send us a message with your order details at support@sockprints.com and one of our design team members will reach out.

By providing expert recommendations, tips, and tricks, we will work with you to create your perfect pair of custom printed socks. Lastly, to ensure the highest quality product, we provide a visual mock up of the custom socks prior to printing. Once approved, the sock designs are brought to life!





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