3 Essentials for the Perfect Promposal

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With the nonstop activities of school, extracurriculars, and more, things may get a little chaotic around prom season. No worries, though! If you're strapped for time, here are 3 essentials for the perfect promposal (featuring our Promposal Custom Printed Socks). 


1. Paint a Poster

This promposal move goes way back! Grab some poster paper, paint, and friends to help you pull this stunt off. Based on your date's interests, come up with a clever question and paint away. For more inspiration on poster ideas and themes, click here.


2. Say It on Socks

For this special occasion, go all out with Promposal Custom Printed Socks. Not only will you save time, but you will also give a unique, fun gift that your date can cherish (and wear) for years to come. Choose from our wide selection of designs, like our Donut Say No To Prom custom printed socks and Whale You Go To Prom With Me? custom printed socks, in white no-show or crew varieties. Or go the extra mile by designing your very own pair of custom socks. Whichever route you choose, your (future) prom date is sure to be stunned with his or her own pair of custom printed socks.


3. Finish with Flowers (or Food!)

Wrap up this promposal by getting personal. Woo your date with a bouquet of his or her favorite flowers, food, or both! (We won't judge.) In fact, you could pair a dozen donuts with the Donut Say No To Prom custom printed socks for the ultimate sweet promposal.



With these 3 basic essentials, you can't go wrong with your promposal. Share your promposal stories with us by tagging @sockprints / #sockprints on Instagram, and have a blast at prom!






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