sockprints brand ambassador agreement


Sockprints LLC will provide the following to approved brand ambassadors:

  • A few times during the year each ambassador will receive custom printed sorority items which may be include socks, totes, face masks and pillowcases. We’ll include a brief description of the design and some suggestions for social posts. 
  • Banners and other lifestyle images to be used when promoting the sockprints brand and product listings. 

Sockprints brand ambassadors agree to provide the following: 

  • A minimum of 2 social posts for each package received taking quality lifestyle images of the items, sharing and linking to @socksprints and using the hashtag, #sockprints. Posts can be made on Facebook or Snapchat, and at least 1 of the posts should be on Instagram.  
  • Posts should be made within 21 days of receiving the items and a confirmation message should be sent to us when completed. 
  • Have fun! Photos should be creative and original and cannot include the following: 

There may not be any depiction of alcohol, alcoholic beverage use, kegs, beer cans, alcohol bottles, beer bongs, or brand names

Any depiction of drugs, drug use, drug slogans or slang words, or drug paraphernalia

Any depiction in a demeaning way, of minorities, ethnicities, or cultural segments

Any religious depictions in a demeaning way

Any depictions of men or women in a demeaning way

Any depictions relating to sex, sexual paraphernalia, or sexual orientation

Any use of profanity; or any use of licensed or copyrighted characters, phrases, logos, or materials without permission from the property owner           

Failure to comply will result in the immediate termination of our agreement and removal of any images we deem inappropriate. 


  • Any photos using sockprints products are considered the property of sockprints LLC, and we will use these images at our discretion for marketing purposes, on our website platforms, and for digital and printed marketing material. 
  • Sockprints will provide items at no charge to approved ambassadors for the sole purpose of sharing our product line to a diverse audience. 
  • The timeline of each brand campaign is determined by sockprints and brand ambassadors will be notified of this length of time when they are officially selected to represent sockprints. 
  • We reserve the right to terminate any agreement with a 30-day notice. 

Optional Opportunity - Affiliate Commission

  • A brand ambassador has the opportunity to share sockprints products with their audience as an affiliate. Links can be added to any social posts and a 20% commission will be paid to the ambassador for purchases resulting from these posts.  This is an optional income opportunity that is not a requirement to be a brand ambassador.
  • A 20% commission will be paid on any retail order submitted to sockprints coming from affiliate links set up by the brand ambassador. The ambassador can set up as many product links they would like to promote the sockprints brand and earn a commission.
  • It is the responsibility of the brand ambassador to report any earnings to the IRS from affiliate commissions as an independent contractor. We will require to have a W-9 form on file and will provide tax form 1099 at the end of the year. 
  • To request an affiliate application please email, 
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